ABF Freight Forms and Documents Forms and documents may be vi. Some PDF forms (e.g. bill of lading) may be completed by selecting the form, editing the . FREIGHT CHARGES ARE PREPAID ON THIS BILL OF LADING UNLESS MARKED COLLECT SHIPPER PLEASE NOTE STRAIGHT BILL OF LADING. hereby certifies that he is familiar with all the terms and conditions of the said bill of lading and the said terms and conditions are hereby agreed to by the shipper.

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Plaintiffs made numerous phone calls to ABF, but were never successful at obtaining any further information about their claim. These documents are also important for record-keeping and assessment purposes. Pony Express Courier Corp. You can even email customers their invoices and addition of new customers is just a click away.

According to Leeann, the bill of lading delivered with the empty trailer did not reflect the additional insurance she had ordered. Works just as any excel sheet and has customizable properties.

The section of the document quoted above refers to the Uniform bill of lading as a separate document. ABF is a motor carrier. The liability imposed under this paragraph is for the actual loss or injury to the property caused by … the delivering carrier.

If you require to broaden the column width highlight columns A through E. As they packed, they learned they would need more space, ultimately using lacing linear feet. The Carmack Amendment also provides that:. These affidavits state that Leeann Hoover phoned ABF customer service at the number shown on the bill of lading and told her that, rather than needing 12 linear feet of the trailer, they would require an entire trailer, namely abbf linear feet.


Quantifiable values help in understanding the best weighting in terms of capital that is used for a variety of assets.

Therefore the help of an invoice template sounds terrific.

On the last page, it shows the weight 5, ladiing in all capital letters, surrounded by asterisks, the document states: Create Product and Pricing Fields. This shipment shall be subject only to Federal laws and statutes.

Charles Hoover signed this document. The form is dated January 24, With him was the same bill of lading the Hoovers had received on January 3, showing that only 12 feet of the trailer was used, and omitting any reference to additional insurance. Because you control how your goods are packed and loaded, our liability coverage only applies when ABF is negligent.

Bits & Pieces

Driver signature only acknowledges receipt of bil. Downloading templates to Your Computer To download templates directly to your computer follow these steps: I reject that argument.

Customer acknowledges that ABF is a general commodity carrier and that this shipment will be subject only to the laws and regulations governing commodity carriage. The pending motion raises two legal issues: Whether there is an integrated agreement is to be determined by the court based solely on what is contained within the four corners of the document.


For the buyer the invoice is the proof of purchase and ownership. By signing below, Customer agrees to the terms and conditions herein, the rules and special service charges in ABF series and the terms and conditions in the Uniform Straight bill of lading UBL as published in the National Motor Freight Classification in effect on the date of this bill of lading.

In this case, I find that the bill of lading, bil incorporates the tariff, constitutes an integrated agreement.

Hoover v. ABF Freight Systems, Inc. – Central Analysis Bureau

Defendant removed the case to this court pursuant to 28 U. At some point before January 3,she claims to have contacted by telephone or email: ABF offers two types of liability coverage for your goods.

More importantly, however, Plaintiffs assert that those terms may be supplemented by terms they assert were verbally agreed to by ABF. The Carmack Amendment provides that: Past Editions A monthly digest of recent news events in the motor carrier and insurance industries.

She and her husband did so the following day, meeting with James Frazierthe supervisor on duty. See, Missouri Pacific R.