CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Objectives .. GDI graphics device interface. GHz gigahertz. GUI graphical user interface. GPS. The Windows GDI builds the page and then sends it to the printer. A less- sophisticated method of communicating to a printer is to use the GDI (Graphics Device. GDI is actually a Windows component and is not specific to printers. Instead, it’s a series of components that govern how images are presented to both monitors.

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Resolution is most important when gri printing complex images such as full-color photos, or when you’re printing for duplication and you care that your printouts look good. In some cases,the printer uses four separate toner cartridges and four lasers for cimptia four toner colors, and in others the printer simply lays down one color after the other on the same drum,cleaning after each of four passes per page.

Do not assume that every error with the word memory in it can be fixed simply by adding more RAM to the printer. The scanning software that controls the hardware can manifest in a variety of ways. In this section, you’ll look at how scanners work and then turn to what you need to know to select the correct scanner for you or your clients. Although this makes replacement of individual parts nearly impossible, it greatly reduces the need for replacement; those parts that are most likely to break are replaced every time you replace the toner cartridge.

Cloud and Remote Printing Blurring the line between traditional and virtual printing, a variety of applications, such as Google Cloud Print, will install a virtual printer on your system that compta up your document and sends it out over the Internet or other network to a cloud server, which eventually ends up routing it to a real printer for printing all without needing to have a driver installed for it.

Resolution is measured in dots per inch dpi ; higher numbers mean that the ink dots on the page are closer together, so your printed documents will look better. The inks have improved over the years, too, now delivering better quality and longevity than ever. Older scanners can create images of only x dots per inch dpiwhile newer models commonly achieve four times that density, and high-end machines do much more.

Some images that require high resolutions require more memory. Figure illustrates the components common to dot-matrix printers.

Being highly standardized has advantages, but the control codes are extremely limited. Today you can find color inkjet printers with six, eight, or more color cartridges.


If it does, you may be able to plug your printer into a USB port on the router. Don’t always go for the highest possible scan if you don’t need the resolution and color depth.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, A+ Chapter 27 Print

Although not 3 harmful to humans in small amounts, even tiny concentrations of ozone will cause damage problem to printer components. You will generally need to find and install third-party virtual printer software in order to print to the image format you desire on a given operating system. Assuming you have those and an account with coomptia local telecom company, the process of faxing is pretty simple. Naturally, the more pins, the higher the resolution. RET enables the printer to insert smaller dots among the characters, smoothing out the jagged curves that are typical of printers that do not use RET see Figure If your color cartridge ran out of one of the colors,you had to purchase a whole new color cartridge or deal with a messy refill kit.

Take a look back at Chapters 20 and Thermal wax hdi don’t require special papers like dye-sublimation printers do, so they’re more flexible and somewhat gdii to use, but their comptis isn’t quite as good because they use color dithering. If you travel a lot, you’ll want to make sure to use the locking mechanism for the scanner light assembly. Note that the laser writes a positive image to the drum.

This gives you a total of 16, color variations in the scanned image, which explains why some scanners compti to this as “millions of colors” in their settings. These five companies make most of the printers on the market today. Clmptia can print this file later if you like, or maybe send it to someone else to print, but you can also just keep it in digital format.

Raster Images Impact printers transfer data to the printer one dgi or one line at a time, whereas laser printers transfer entire pages at a time to the printer. Those particles with a lesser negative charge are positively charged relative to the toner particles and attract them, creating a developed image see Figure Before printing another new page, the drum must be returned to a clean, fresh condition.

Although you can use an external printer language such as PostScript, most users simply install printer drivers and let Windows do all the work. Windows doesn’t join the party until Windows 10, however, so be aware that you’ll need to install.

Fire up your browser and head over to the Web site for Hewlett-Packard www. Laser printers usually use lasers as a light source because of their precision. You’ll need to know how to support networked connections as well as the plug-and-play USB ones.


When the primary corona or primary charge roller is charged with an extremely high voltage, an electric field or corona forms, enabling voltage to pass to the drum and charge the photosensitive particles on its surface. Where older inks would smudge if the paper got wet or start to fade after a short time, modern inks are smudge proof and of archival quality for example, some inks by Epson are projected to last up to years.

Xerox’s base model starts at about twice the cost of a laser printer, with the expensive model selling for about six times the cost! Developers cater to this preference by using metaphors such as page, workbook, and binder in their applications.

An inkjet printer also has a RIP, but it’s part of the software driver instead of onboard hardware circuitry.

A laser printer uses a chip called the raster image processor RIP to translate the raster image into commands to the laser. See the “Troubleshooting Printers” section later in this chapter for more details. Now that you’ve learned about the different types of print devices and techniques, it’s time to take a look at how they communicate with the computer.

Most of the time these.

Because PostScript is understood by printers at a hardware level, the majority of the image. The heated roller has a nonstick coating such asTeflon to prevent the toner from sticking to it. The most common color depth options you will xomptia across in scanners today are bit and bit. This could damage your laser printer and void your warranty ,so make sure you print on transparencies designed for laser printers!

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, A+ Chapter 27 Printers and Multifunction Devices (1)

Learn from this text and thousands like it on LingQ. Laser printer resolution is expressed in dots per inch dpi. You put a document in the feeder, plug in the fax number, and press the Send button or whatever the manufacturer labels it.

The BIOS for the printer either built into the printer or a printer driver interprets gdu raster image in the same way a monitor does, “painting” the image as individual dots.

Once the printer icon goes away, you know the print queue is empty all jobs have gone to the printer.