The Agganna Sutta presents a Buddhist creation fable with a moral about castes. Here is a condensed version of the tale. AGGANNA SUTTA: On Knowledge of Beginnings. This is a text taken from a larger collection called the Long Discourses (Digha. Nikaya); the teachings. In contrast with the brahmin’s self-serving mythologies of the past, the Buddha presents an account of evolution that shows how human choices are an integral.

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But most of their time had already been invested in tending their fief. Among those who disagree is Suwanda H J Sugunasiri, a Canadian Buddhist scholar, who most recently has presented a novel interpretation of the Sutta. The sweet and honey-like rice flourished seeds abundantly. Four Stages Arhat Buddha Bodhisattva.

We shall pay you with a share of rice. The Sakyans revere, praise, and serve him with respect. It was endowed with colour, smell and taste. Both these things occur like this, mixed up in these four castes—the dark and the bright, that which is praised and that which is criticized by sensible people.

Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies

They also began to devour them night and day, and thus they began to notice differences amongst them. Their body was still coarse and roughly shaped. When people noticed this they said: But the Brahmins still say that they are born from the Mouth of the God Brahma and other castes are born from Brahma’s feet. Thus, greed started to seep in and it ate the substance voraciously, greedily, also calling its comrades who were flying above and on earth to join in the feast.

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After a very long period had passed, solid nectar curdled in the water. Try using the modern version anyway. They have wrong view, and they act out of that wrong view.

Some of those same beings, taking up an active sex life, applied themselves to various jobs. Proceed to the legacy version of SuttaCentral. According to Richard Gombrich, the sutta gives strong evidence that it was conceived entirely as a satire of brahminical claims regarding the divine nature of the caste system, showing that it is nothing but a human convention.

The Shramana Gotama inspired awe and respect, while I do not. And because they became arrogant and conceited about their looks, the sweet fungus disappeared. Views Read Edit View history. Such things are seen in some aristocrats. King Pasenadi of Kosala knows that the ascetic Gotama has gone forth from the neighboring clan of the Sakyans.

The Buddha then concluded his discourse to Vasettha and Bharadvaja: And as they continued to feed on the fungus, so their bodies became coarser still, and the difference in their looks increased still more. It was endowed with color, smell, and taste. Do not the Brahmins revile and abuse you? Here they dwell, mind-made, feeding on delight, self-luminous, moving through the air, glorious — and they stay like that for a very long time.

Then those beings gathered together and bemoaned: Because, Vasettha, anyone from the four castes who becomes a monk, an Arahant who has destroyed the corruptions, who has lived the life, done what had to be done, laid down the burden, reached the highest goal, destroyed the fetter of becoming, and become emancipated through super-knowledge — he is proclaimed supreme by virtue of Dhamma and not of non-Dhamma. Then, amongst the people, some of them begin to think like this: The creatures were only known as creatures.

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At first the Ajjhayaka were viewed lower than Jhayaka but in the Buddha’s time, the Ajjhayaka had been viewed higher in status than the Jhayakas. Then, he explains about the beginning of the Earth and the birth of social order and its structure, including the castes.

All of the castes, from Brahmin, Khattiya, Vessa, and Sudda originated from these people, and not from others; in accordance to the Dhamma and not by others. And as a result of the disappearance of their self-luminance, the moon and the sun appeared, night and day were distinguished, months and fortnights appeared, and the year and its seasons.

DA says compiling the Vedas and teaching them.

There are other people, who can’t meditate or dwell in huts in the forest. Further, the Buddha proves that Dhamma is indeed the best thing of all things in life.

Aggañña Sutta – Wikipedia

At that moment, the creature found out that it tasted so delicious. They grabbed the one who had done this and said: But so long as they ate that solid nectar, their bodies became more solid and they diverged in appearance; some beautiful, some ugly.

However, the profound insight of the Buddha in two major fields: What was reckoned as immoral at that time, these days is reckoned as moral. The appointed person thus agreed and the people bestowed upon him the title: