The Library at Night [Alberto Manguel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth- century. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth-century home near the Loire, in France, Alberto Manguel, the acclaimed writer on books and readi. If many bibliophiles will share Alberto Manguel’s assertion that the acquisition and ordering of his library has “kept me sane”, they will also.

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The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel

Since books were selected for destruction on the basis of the length of time they had sat unrequested, in order to save as many books as possible, heroic nigght crept into the stacks at n P.

If you have two books, this is not the book for y The greatest thing about any online site or program that allows a reader to create virtual shelves for books is that it allows the reader to create virtual shelves for books. It is personal as I find myself largely inept at comprehending the various libragy he librray. There appear to be various interpretations of the burning of the library but the following seems to be the most likely: The Library at Night Author s: It takes in imaginary libraries, like those carried by Count Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster on their precarious journeys, and visits the library every reader longs to discover, the library of books never written – including Lovecraft’s Necronomicon.


The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel

There’s nothing wrong with that. This is a book about books en masse for people who own them in masse.

This would be a perfect book for Samuel Johnson, who “read with no method or discipline, sometimes leaving books uncut and following the text only where the pages fell open” Manguel describes some of the better-known comprehensive literary temples, such librray the British Library, as well as efforts such as the Carnegie-libraries, but also mentions the Colombian ‘Biblioburro’-effort to bring books to “the farthest corners of the country” for which: He considers libraries across the world — ancient and relatively modern, private and public, even fictional and imaginary ones.

Every library is a shadow, by definition the result of choice, and necessarily limited in its scope. Yale University Press Availability: View all 62 comments.

The first chapter is about his own library.

Review: The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel | Books | The Guardian

lubrary Mar 01, BlackOxford rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 81: Dreaming of the Perfect Library can be therapeutic. You libary have lightning bolt moments reading this book. It’s a good joke, but it’s unjust. If you have a library, a private library, than you know the contrasting feeling of joy of rearranging the books but also the terror of doing it. In the midst of my book-slump, I just read a page book about libraries.

The romantic librarian

View all 45 comments. And since it is quixotic by definition, this reader will now follow a future dream Library as Manguel traces his past, real libraries. I have never read a book that elicited such empathy. He also talks about building his own library. Manguel explores ideas about reading, spaces, record keeping, knowledge, memory, identity and imagination; about the libraty that underlies choice of what is included or excluded, and how the collection mangue, managed.


You know they’re having a blast, and warning: Thanks for telling us about the problem. The online library now extends to 17, titles. This dream had really enveloped my mind.

Why then do we do it? This is a book I’m tempted to add to my “Favorites” list, an honor even more prestigious than my “5-star-books” list. The Library as chance Despite the best efforts of cataloguers and filers, books have a life of their own. On the other hand, our members have access to the enormous Bodleian collection as well as to other collegiate libraries.

It’s not always a happy journey: Sometimes a smile has swayed me I admit, but overall there haven’t been too many complaints. Writers write because they are compulsive readers and they do so in book-lined rooms.