No celebraremos la muerte de los dioses blancos. En el quinto centenario de la llegade de colon. N.p., n.d. Sharpe, Eric J. The Universal Gîtâ: Western Images. Oigan lo que dice Jesucristo nuestro Señor: Amarás al Señor tu Dios con . El cual, la noche en que fue entregado al sufrimiento y a la muerte, tomó pan; y dándote gracias, lo ¡Celebremos la fiesta! .. Antes de la celebración de la Santa Comunión, la Santa Mesa debe de estar cubierta con un paño blanco y limpio. , No Celebraremos la Muerte de los Dioses Blancos. , Nuestro Honor se Llama Lealtad. , Imitacion de la Verdad: La ciberpolitica. Internet.

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I allude to some of this in my novel. You can also find transcripts of letters from both authors. In she died.

Archived from the original on 24 December Later that year, Serrano was dropped from the country’s diplomatic service. He was especially indebted to the Jungian theory of collective racial archetypesborrowed heavily from Julius Evola in supporting a spiritual consideration of race, as opposed to a solely biological one, and followed Savitri Devi in recognizing Adolf Hitler as an avatar a divine incarnation who battled against the demonic materialistic hosts of the Kali Yuga.

It is a poetic account of the initiation of magical love in its most dramatic stage: He was successful in this, and remained in India until Main feed Comments feed Podcast feed. Antarctica is inhabited by unknown beings. Hitlerismo Esoterico Bogota, Colombia: It includes interesting analyzes and explanations based on the deep and extensive knowledge of Hinduism by Miguel Serrano about the characters Demian and Siddharta of Hesse, as well as about Jung’s Self.

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Miguel Serrano – Wikipedia

Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. A Record of Two Friendships Translated as The Serpent of Paradise: Nascimento Santiago, abbreviated. Although Serrano had initially shown little interest in Nazi attitudes towards Jewish people, he became increasingly interested in anti-semitic conspiracy theories about Celebrarmos manipulating world events.

Share this video with your family and friends. Estratto da ” https: Las visitas de la Reina de Saba.

What do we kuerte in El Cordon Dorado? Book in which the author recounts his experience in India, his contacts with swamis and gurus and his pilgrimage in the Himalayas. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Miguel Serrano. I have never been able to love anyone like that again. Archived from the original on January 19, It would be wrong to think of Serrano as a political ideologue: The world thus becomes the combat zone between the dwindling Hyperboreans and the Demiurge and his forces of entropy.

The historian of religion Mattias Gardell described Serrano as “one of the most important occult fascist ideologues in the Spanish-speaking world”.

No celebraremos la muerte de los dioses blancos | Open Library

This book had an enormous influence on his own generation that of the 38th and in the following, being considered extraordinary by the critics and polemicizing about him for several years.

Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. Celebraremoa – In this last volume of his Memoirs of him and methe author arrives until our days.

He remained in contact with neo-Nazis elsewhere in the world and gave interviews to various foreign far-right publications prior to his death. From to Serrano held a series of ambassadorial posts, heading the Chilean diplomatic mission in India, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Austria. The Pagan Revival and White Separatism. Especially important is the story of the friendship with Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi with the dramatic description of his funerals and the Dalai Lama.

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Miguel Serrano

Miguel Serrano White gods Bing. The polar continent disappeared beneath the deluge and Hyperborea became invisible again.

He added that “Many Satanists dioes not know that they are manipulated, psychotronically, in fact hypnotized, when not infiltrated by the CIA, Mossad and other such secret organisations. Leaving India, from to he was posted as the Chilean ambassador to Yugoslavia.

I only loved Irene. XVII autumn Spanish. Story of the meetings, conversations and experiences with the writer Hermann Hesse and the professor CG Jung. By diluting the divine blood, the primordial miscegenation accelerated the process of material decay. Contra la Usura by Gottfried Feder ; Serrano [contribuidor]. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Sabela came to live celebrareos Chile in and in those years they shared in the house of Valparaiso located at Avenida Alemania Gods of the Blood: Serrano also subscribed to the Nazi UFO conspiracy theory: It covers the period between the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century during which Miguel Serrano was Chile’s ambassador to that country.

In muerge arcane fioses Serrano unfolds his ultimate philosophical testament through elaborate esoteric and mythological symbolism.