Dropwizard Tutorial: Develop RESTful Web Services Faster. By Vuk Skobalj • August 28, • 0 Comments. Dropwizard Tutorial: Develop RESTful Web. Dropwizard is an open source Java framework for the rapid development of REST APIs. Dropwizard is kind of ecosystem which contains all the dependencies. Dropwizard is a framework for building RESTful web services in Java. In this tutorial we’re going to have a look at how to get started with.

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It has only getters in order to be immutable.

Dropwizard Tutorial – Hello World Example – HowToDoInJava

Representation is what holds the data and serialized into JSON. In my opinion, the easiest way to get started with a new application is to create a project using the dropwizard-archetype.

It works without explicit jUnit dependency. Dropwizard applications are packaged as executable jar-files rather than war-files which are deployed to an drlpwizard server. Subscribe to our Newsletter Occasional articles in your inbox. Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. Droppwizard JsonProperty annotation is used to do the job. This class will pick up all the necessary modules and prepare our service for use.

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In the next line we specify the representation format.

Jackson constructs the JSON string recursively according to the getter methods of each class and their return type. To help validate its correctness, we can use Hibernate Validator.

Dropwizard Example, Step by Step | Dropwizard

With our application up and running, we can give some key notes of using Dropwizard for developing RESTful web services. Also, we need to know when and where the event is taking place.

The directory structure of the project is shown below. It should be noted that if you find yourself marking each method with the same annotation Produces MediaType. You should see the greeting string in the tutorkal window of a browser.

In this example, we will create a resource tutorlal with a pair of annotations for mapping HTTP requests. Dropwizard will make sure nested objects are serialized correctly. Instead of deploying your applications to an application server or web server, Dropwizard defines a main method that invokes the Jetty server as a standalone process. It is annotated with the HTTP verb it should respond to.

Dropwizard Example, Step by Step

Inside the method a new Event object is instantiated with dummy data. The NotEmpty annotation makes sure the string is not empty. Default Dropwizard Components Dropwizard comes with the basic package of components or libraries needed to develop RESTful web services, so you don’t need to include and configure each of them separately: The command below is formatted for clarity but it should be pasted as a single line to the terminal.


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Provides the ability to interact with other web services. Annotate getter and setter with JsonProperty and you are ready to go. Use CamelCase and do not insert spaces to make sure that the generated class names are going to be valid.

Create a new class called EventResource in the resources package. Therefore, if you do not mention any context path for your application, it is assumed that the application can be accessed at http: Tutorlal I had used events-app as the name, event-appApplication and event-appConfiguration would have been generated. At this point of time we should pause and discuss the version of our product.

The server should return with a valid response containing the following tutoria, body. Interviewing for a job? The health check is a smoke test that can be called from admin panel to give you information about the status of the system.