Absalom and Achitophel was originally published in November (a “second The text of this on-line edition is based on that in The Works of John Dryden. To begin the analysis of the poem we should at first say a few words about John Dryden, the man who wrote “Absalom and Achitophel”, the political situation in. Absalom and Achitophel study guide contains a biography of John Dryden, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a.

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Charles was named king of Scotland in even though he lived in exile and king of England in In his achitopyel, Dryden assigns each figure in the crisis a biblical name; e.

Oates claimed to have a Doctorate of Divinity from the University of Salamanca. Against themselves their witnesses will swear, Till, viper-like, their mother-plot they tear; And suck for nutriment that bloody gore, Which was their principle of life before. Dryden later dedicated his Fables to Ossory’s son, the second Duke of Ormonde. Nor let his love enchant your generous mind; ‘Tis nature’s trick to propagate her kind.

Yet since they will divert my native course, ‘Tis time to show I am not good by force. His judgment yet his memory did excel; [] Which pieced his wondrous evidence so well, And suited to the temper of the times, Then groaning under Jebusitic crimes.

So easy still it proves in factious times, [] With public zeal to cancel private crimes. In the verse satire Absalom and Achitophelfor example, John Dryden relates in heroic couplets a scriptural story that is a thinly veiled portrait of the politicians involved in an attempt to alter the succession to the English throne. Monmouth was caught preparing to rebel and seek the throne, and Shaftesbury was suspected of fostering this rebellion.

Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics.

Absalom and Achitophel

Some thought they God’s anointed meant to slay [] By guns, invented since full many a day: His looks, his gestures, and his words he frames, [] And with familiar ease repeats their names. Henceforth a series of new time began, The mighty years in long dryyden ran; Once more the godlike David was restored, [] And willing nations knew their lawful lord.


A numerous host of dreaming saints succeed, Of the true old enthusiastic breed; [] ‘Gainst form and order they their power employ, Nothing to build, and all things to destroy. Charles Dickens, English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian era.

For laws are only made to punish those [] Who serve the king, and to protect his foes. My rebel ever proves my people’s saint. Why then should I, encouraging the bad, [] Turn rebel, and run popularly mad? Western dome here stands for Westminster Abbey, where Sancroft was dean.

In fact the proportion of Catholics was much smaller. Let his successful youth your hopes engage; But shun the example of declining age: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

He also suggests that in Absalom and Achitophel he did not let the satire be too sharp to those who were least corrupt: Later, after the death of his father, the Duke of Monmouth—unwilling to see his uncle James become King—executed his plans and went into full revolt. Mild, easy, humble, studious of our good, [] Inclined to mercy, and averse from blood.

In in England, Charles II was aged For colleges on bounteous kings depend, And never rebel was to arts a friend. This predatory and primal attitude can horrify anyone from the modern society it goes well beyond the definition of harassmentbut it was equally unsetting for the contemporaries of John Drydenjust maybe because of slightly different reasons.

Help us improve this article! Who sues for justice to his throne in vain? Behold a banished man, for your dear cause [] Anf a prey to arbitrary laws! Now, manifest of crimes contrived long since, He stood at bold defiance with his prince; [] Held up the buckler of the people’s cause Against the crown, and skulked behind the laws. How safe is treason, and how sacred ill, Where none can sin against the people’s will?


Dryden, “Absalom and Achitophel”

From thence thy kindred legions may’st thou bring, To aid the guardian angel of thy king. How fatal ’tis to be too good a king! A trial before a jury picked by Whig sheriffs acquitted him. Yet, grant our lords, the people, kings can make, [] What prudent man a settled throne would shake?

Thomas Butler, earl of Ossory, was Ormonde’s eldest son. This is a point of no return for Absalom.

He fears his brother, though he loves his son, For plighted vows too late to be undone. Cambridge University Press, Here he stands for Henry Compton, Bishop of London. Such savoury deities must needs be good, [] As served at once for worship and for food. What cannot praise effect in mighty minds, When flattery soothes, and when ambition blinds? And when no rule, no precedent was found, Of men, by laws less circumscribed and bound; They led their wild desires to woods and caves, [55] And thought that all but savages were slaves.

The nicest and most delicate touches of satire consist in fine raillery … How easy it is to call rogue and villain, and that wittily? Please try again later. Ours was a Sbsalom, and, as times went then, His tribe were God Almighty’s gentlemen.

Some of their chiefs were princes of the land: When David’s renowned advisor, Achitophel Achitophel in the Vulgate joins Absalom’s rebellion, another advisor, Hushai, plots with David to pretend to defect and give Absalom advice drydeh plays into David’s hands. Achitophel reminds the young prince about the most painful part of his life: