Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Eulis! the history of love: its wondrous magic, chemistry, rules, laws, modes, moods and rationale: being the third revelation of soul and sex. EULIS! THE HISTORY OF LOVIv. ITS WONDROUS MAGIC, CHEMISTRY, RULES, .. when loving lips meet lips that love, there is a magnetic discharge of.

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Lpve fire, strange blood, has inspired him with fresh passion, and he don’t care for the old wife, in presence of the new harlot; and so he abuses one, and lavishes all he has on the other. Now for the other point: Voluntarily free this simpleton from the chafing thrall that binds her to one whose purse, not person, is all on earth she cares for. Nor are they all dead yet. Histoory few should receive the tribute of respect due to that which is venerable and good, and Freemasonry should ever be associated with the broad mantle of its charity.

In a weak moment, many a man, fired with sudden and electric fire, has fallen into passion’s dreadful snare, and for a moment of delirious joy has bartered off a whole life of happiness; for when once one indulges in stolen fruit, which may be sweet, but is never so good as that historry grows on one’s own trees, the habit becomes fixed, and “just once” lands him—or her—neck-deep in perdition!

What a tremendous deal of suffering, horror, crime, wretchedness and despair there is in this beautiful, but badly misused world of ours!

The Lingam, Linga or Lingum male organ-worshipis but the reverse of the discal or oval worship. If you ask me why and how, listen, and the story shall be fully, fairly, yet briefly told: Children conceived in May, June, July, August and September, and who, therefore, are born in February, March, April, May, and June, are, unquestionably, better constituted and will live longer, have more character and power than when the double events occur in other months; because nature and weather are more propitious at the start.

Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy – Wikisource, the free online library

But, happily, girls of sixteen can’t love sixty, nohow you can fix it. The great minds among his followers would be philosophers, but they would have been histiry without him. Hence, aside from common relational lip-contacts, they are worse than unwise who touch lips unless love be the underlying prompter; for if the kissed or kisser be bad, just so much of that specific evil is sure to flow from the magnetic poles of either pair of lips to the soul of him or her upon whose mouth they arc laid.


It is equally true, that those are the most glorious and glorified of the other gender, who were, or are, not the most electric, masculine and intellectual, but the most tender, pure, loving and feminine in all respects.

That much the doctors were aware of. We are pleased with the Platos, but we worship the Christs. I had kissed that child, and had become suffused with a portion of her own sweet aromal aura or atmosphere, and hkstory, therefore, en rapport hisotry the same bright beings as she was herself, and was played upon by the same celestial, pure and divine influences, histroy Love was the dominant or major clement.

Unless love equals passion, marriage rites are never right; that’s all!

It made me sick; it always did—to listen to the outrageous talk going on everywhere about women, whenever two or more human males of the “civilized” kind happen to get together for an hour. When, further on in this New Revelation, I shall analyze the matter, hundreds who read it will see the real point, and, probably, make no effort to better their sad condition. Now for the answer to the loud “Whys? Hargrave Jennings, of England, the eminent Rosicrucian, writing upon the subject of the Garter, and before quoting Ashmole in regard to the same matter, observes: Let me tell you, reader, how and why this is so.

Ash added it Aug 25, Tashna Downes marked it as to-read Apr 30, Find Rare Books Book Value. Precisely so was it with things purporting to be Ansairetic. On this occasion I fell into it from having incidentally cast my eyes upon a third class triune, or magic mirror, such as for years I have used expressly to induce the state of psycho-vision.

When the mistake is made such parties marvel and wonder how on earth it can be so; and why the actual marriage produces effects so utterly foreign to their expectations and hopes. The states resulting happily from human fusion were because there really was a human fusionand that’s just it!

The child saved me! Richard rated it liked it Jul 31, It is but one of millions, this very day, transpiring in thousands of places the wide world over, and is the legitimate result of the wrong relations subsisting between the mated, loev rather, mismated marriagees of the earth! The most masculine nations tend greatest to feminine worship; and, per contrathe ideal of the feminine peoples is the masculine worship.

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The History of Love. Though few in numbers, we guarded the great trust committed to our care with a never-ceasing vigilance.

Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy

Please recall the incident of myself and the little fairy. Randolph died at the age of 49, under disputed circumstances. The motto of the order, Princely and Imperial, is in these days written Honi soit qui mal y pensetranslated to mean—to the uninitiated, outside world—”Evil to him who evil thinks,” which, in a certain sense, is true and correct, for it does mean thatbut not at all in the manner that people generally think it does.

If it were possible for two people, one sixty, the other sixteen, to fully and mutually love each other, then the girl would help the man, and the man increase the girl’s recuperative power. Now it often happens that people in whom this sort of love exists mistake its nature and significance; imagine that they were born for each other; and, so they are, but not for the life below. Martin Bott Bookdealers Ltd Published: They could not affiliate downstairs—in the passional moms of the house of marriage; although they were compelled to descend once in a while, it was something to be gotten over as quickly as possible, and to be only remembered with a shudder by hera smothered malediction by him.

Eulis! the History of Love – Wikisource, the free online library

Hold her, and she is that nameless thing—a wedded harlot. No sooner does an American boy get on his first pair of pants than he has prurient notions right straight along, and takes good care to demonstrate them with chalk upon the walls and fences everywhere. She is young, round-limbed, rosy-cheeked, spirited, vivacious, full of health,—and from what she has learned through other females—full of curiosity as to the facts of marriage.