: Evelina Or The History Of A Young Lady’s Entrance Into The World Fanny Burney’s debut novel, it was a best-selling book and quickly gained. Evelina: Or The History of A Young Lady’s Entrance into the World By Fanny Burney, London: T. Lowndes, Reprinted New York: W. W. Norton. Jul 1, Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Mirvan being tired, Maria and I walked round the room alone.

What his own reasons were for honouring us with his company, I cannot imagine; unless, indeed, yb had a curiosity to know whether I should invent any new impertinence concerning him. Mirvan proposed a party to Ranelagh.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney

She then entered, — in such a condition! But, after dozens of letters I had enough. We endeavoured, by our enquiries and condolements, to prevent her attending to him; and she was for some time so wholly engrossed by her anger and her distress, that we succeeded without much trouble.

Out of the graceful shifts from the idyllic to the near-tragic and realistic, Evelina emerges as a fully realized character.

Mirvan was at cards, but would be glad to see me; and I went immediately. As the husband of Mrs. The language of adulation, and the incense of flattery, though the natural inheritance, and constant resource, from time immemorial, of the Dedicator, to me offer nothing but the wistful regret that I dare not invoke their aid. How did anyone get married in these days?

The following block of text contains spoilers, so beware.

Evelina | novel by Burney |

Mirvan and her daughter Maria, almost a sister to the uneasy Evelina. I hope that flighty man evelinaa not been telling Lord Orville he only assisted me!

It is, of all entertainments, the sweetest and most delightful. It is a must read for any Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer fan. We sat in the pit, where every body was dressed in so high a style, that if I had been less delighted with the performance, my eyes would have found me sufficient entertainment from looking at the ladies.

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She is one, Madam, for whom alone I have lately wished to live; and she is one whom to serve I would with transport die! Granted, she learned to converse with other people on social occasions; she also learned how to behave at assemblies and dances.

It was absolutely sweet, well crafted, and worth evelinna. I could relate to Evelina so very well; an evelna young girl, tasting the delights of society for the first time under the auspices of the kindly Mrs Mirvan, whose daughter became a great friend of Evelina’s.

Her beauty is much ffanny but the respect and recognition she deserves are not availed to her except by Lord Orville who shows her distinguished attentions even though her birth is unknown and also before knowing that she may be an heiress.

William Shakespeare, English poet, dramatist, and actor, often called the English national poet and considered…. This again disconcerted me; and the spirits I had determined to exert, again failed evelin. Finally, Mrs Selwyn is able to secure a surprise meeting with Sir John. It is about a disowned seventeen years old girl Evelina trying to enter into society and also trying to gain her rightful place.

I aim not at an authority which deprives you of liberty, yet I would fain guide myself by a prudence which should save me the pangs of repentance. Now Maria’s partner was a gentleman of Mrs. However, pray don’t suppose that I make any point of going, for I shall hardly sigh, to see them depart without me, though I shall probably never meet with such another opportunity.

Her behavior is perfectly normal for the time it was written. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Ecelina is a story about introverts in love, and it has moments that are lovely.

And to me, may it grant, the ultimate blessing of closing these aged eyes in the arms of one so dear — so deservedly beloved! Mirvan was not dressed. Selwyn, “don’t be angry with the gentleman for thinking, whatever be the cause, for I assure you he makes no common practice of offending in that bureny. I wish the opera was every night.

Coming to the characters, Evelina is beautiful, sweet and a guileless girl with no clue about behaviour in high society. Mirvan, and they talked a great deal together; but she gave me no account of the conversation.

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Once upon a time in a rural home, many miles from any city lived a girl of seventeen of exquisite beauty with a country parson the humble Reverend Arthur Villars, a kindly old man of the cloth, her foster parent; Evelina of obscure birth, the rest of her name in doubt, maybe Anville Till the arrival of these relations, one continued series of questions on her side, and of answers on mine, filled up all the time we passed together.

What she did do was blush a whole lot as her inexperience in social situations in the books early stages landed her in some hot water and then her family and the embarrassing scrapes she frequently fell into continued the process as she became a little more worldly wise.

Mirvan’s surprise, immediately betrayed me. For this purpose, a young female, educated in the most secluded retirement, makes, at the age of seventeen, her first appearance upon the great and busy stage of life; with a virtuous mind, a cultivated understanding, and a feeling heart, her ignorance of the forms, and inexperience in the manners of the world, occasion all the little incidents which these volumes record, and which form the natural progression of the life of a young woman of obscure birth, but conspicuous beauty, for the first six months after her Entrance into the world.

Mirvan to go to the play every night while we stay in town. But nothing can be more strangely absurd, than to hear politeness recommended in language so repugnant to it as that of Madame Duval. I assured him I was perfectly safe, and free from injury; and desired he would leave me, and return to the rest of the party, for I was very uneasy to know whether they had been equally fortunate. Mirvan had taken the water, led my tormentor away.

When an insulting letter supposedly from Lord Orville devastates her and makes her believe she misperceived him, she returns home to Berry Hill and falls ill.