In an interview with The Sikh Times, Kala Afghana stated that his only to the Adi Granth (or Guru Granth, a book of spiritual hymns) and the. Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afghana. likes · 1 talking about this. Page dedicated to S. Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afghana, a Legendary Sikh reformist and author. Kala Afgana is a village in Batala in Gurdaspur district of Punjab State, India. It is 18 kilometres Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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The Sikh high priests said Mr Kala Afghana had failed to turn up to clarify his position, though he was given enough time.

The meeting of the Sikh clergy, held at the Akal Takht secretariat, unanimously resolved that Mr Kala Afghana had indulged in blasphemous activities and contents of his books were against the Sikh tenets.

On the issue of release of Sikh youths detained in different jails, he said he would make efforts after the receipt of the list of such persons. The deadline fixed for his appearance at Akal Takht ended today.

Mr Kala Afghana had pleaded that he could not appear bookks person at Akal Takht due to ill health and his close links with Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale. As he himself admitted that in this job and in subordination, he did some mistakes which a Sikh is not suppose to do.

Volume 4 10 Book Collection page 50 of Kala Afgana writings.

Is Sarbjit Singh Dhunda a Follower of Excommunicated Kala Afghana

In such a case Mr Kala Afghana could be declared excommunicated from the Panth. Sarbjit Singh Dhunda became popular quite quickly because his way of preaching afghanna very similar to that of Kala Afghana. What is Chandi in Dasam Granth? Then he wrote the sequel of Bipran ki Reet ton Sach da Marg where he questioned the basic tenants of Sikhism, including the ceremony of Sikh baptism Amrit.


T20 World Cup Schedule. On the issue of contradiction between the SGPC traditions and his recent visits to different deras, Jathedar Vedanti said he believed that there was no harm in visiting those deras, which kals been propagating teachings of the gurus and gurbani.

Kala Afgana – Wikipedia

Super Informative Video on the Shastars of the Khalsa. Mr Gurtej Singh said he had called a meeting of Sikh intellectuals in Chandigarh tomorrow to discuss the matter at length.

He often uses Gurbani to fit his agenda despite not having the correct context. Ultimately he retired from the police department in So much so that he dared to challenge the very basic tenants of Sikhism by labeling them as a Brahminic rituals.

The Sikh community praised Dhunda because they started to think he was eliminating the Hinduism from their daily practices.

He had pleaded that the moment he entered India he could be arrested by security agencies. He managed to gain following and some of his followers started to preach his book ,ala the wider Sikh masses.

Earlier, the Sikh high priests had accepted the plea of Mr Kala Afghana and allowed him to give his explanation through videoconferencing, which was later cancelled.

Bipran Ki Reet Ton Sach Da Marg

Iala policemen are also trying to catch thieves in those hours, people who capture birds and animals for a living are active in those hours. It was just a matter of time until videos started surfacing of heads of the college that targeted Amrit Banis and Sikh practices.

He also questioned some of the Sikh hymns banees recited during Sikh baptism and daily Nitnem.

His supporters consider him as a revolutionary writer whereas his critics label him as someone who is inflicted by Brahmin phobia. His family left the land, house and pension of his father in Pakistan. Related Posts Panthic News.


Vooks yet another significant development, Akal Takht decided to send a reminder to boooks state government for banning the activities of controversial godman Ashutosh.

What is the difference between cutting nail to cutting hair? One of the Best Videos on Sikhs: Shoe Thrown at Kejriwal. He said the decision was not as per the Sikh traditions.

However, the Sikh clergy justified the decision of backing out on the videoconferencing option granted to Mr Kala Afghana saying that they had the right to change such decisions. Taking serious note of the language used, Jathedar Vedanti said it was unpardonable.

He did his college from Government College of Mintgumri. It does not make anyone immortal.

There was no income for the entire family and he was helpless and started to work in the Police department, which he always used to make fun of. Its also the most beneficial hours for dacoits, murderers, anti national elements and characterless people.

The objective of Kala Afghana was to target the core of Sikhi to divide Sikhs into inner fighting. Talking to reporters, Jathedar Vedanti said he favoured the unity move between the two Akali groups and was of the firm belief that misgivings, confusions and misunderstandings should be sorted out through dialogue.

Asked Mr Kala Afghana had pleaded that he could not afbhana due to ill health, which had already been accepted by the Sikh clergy, Giani Bhagwan Singh quipped he was misleading the Panth.